My Projects

  • Spring 2013 "Pricing Models Analysis in Supply Chains"

    Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University
    Designed and tested a global pricing model to fit the new business ecommance economic
    Related computer language used: Python

  • Fall 2011 "Dollar Tree Supply Chain Network Design Project"

    School of Engineering, New York University
    Designed a global supply chain network for the supply of remote-control for Dollar Tree.
    Related computer language used: Java

  • Spring 2011 "System Analysis and Simulation Optimization of Automatic Storage & Retrieval System"

    Department of Automation, BUPT, Beijing
    Developed a Automatic Storage system which could be simulated by Automod.
    It is able to analyze where is the bottleneck of the system while doing import and outport.
    Related computer language used: Java, Automod

  • Fall 2009 "8086 Microcomputer Project"

    Department of Automation, BUPT, Beijing
    Designed and built a Microcomputer-controlled Traffic Light System
    Related hardware language used: 8086, C