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Introduction - Begin small, progress slowly, target the stars and reach the Moon

Zhengneng Qiu is currently working as a data scientist in Neustar at Los Angeles, California; Before Neustar he was a data scientist in GroupM at New York City while at the same time he was pursuing his second master degree in Columbia University - Data Science Institute . He has obtained a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from New York University - Polytechnic School of Engineering in 2013. He graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications with  a B.Eng degree in Logistics (May, 2011).

The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

----Mark Zuckerberg

Zhengneng Qiu's research interests are:

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Deep Neural Network
    Entity Resolution
    First Order Logic
    Natural Language Processing

  • Pre-Phd Thesis, 2013

    "Pricing Models Analysis in Supply Chains" under the supervision of Prof. Wenqiang Xiao (Associate Professor of NYU)

  • M.Sci Research Project, 2013

    "Scrape Online Data with Ruby on Rails" under the supervision of Mike Simmons (Founder and CEO of Credsimple)

  • Undergradute Final Year Thesis, 2011

    "System Analysis and Simulation Optimization of Automatic Storage & Retrieval System" advised by Prof. Hanxu Sun (Director of School of Automation)

  • B.Eng Research Paper

    "The Construction of Internet of Things System" advised by Prof. Wei Liu (Professor of School of Automation) and published on The 17th Annual Information Theory Conference of Chinese Institute of Electronics